Skin Consultation Package

Basic Premise:

The consultation is the most important time that will be spent with the patient and it is imperative that it is conducted by the right person. Upper body consults take an hour and a half, with full body taking approximately 2 hours. This includes the 3 step viewing process along with considerable time discussing treatment options, viewing before/after photos and discussion pricing options of each technology. By spending more time showing photos and discussing specific procedures, patients become more comfortable with the process of having more areas treated and signing up for treatment packages.

The 3 Step Process:

The Mirror: Looking into a 7X mirror with natural fluorescent lighting immediately gets their attention as to the imperfections in their face, neck and chest, with each detail being discussed and recorded.

The Skin Scanner: The patient is now shown a photo of four 35 year old women who, because of their skin conditions, do not look the same age. When asked to pick out the youngest and oldest looking women, 95% choose the correct women. On the reverse of the photo is a UV picture of each women with their corresponding “skin age”. The patient is now educated on what she will be looking at in the Skin Scanner. When asked what they think their skin age is, the patient invariably estimates it to be older than you would expect.

The 30X Skin Analyzer: This is the closer. The probe is placed on an area that rarely is exposed to the sun, such as inside the upper arm where the skin has had less sun exposure and looks very good. Record the results and then move the probe to an area with obvious damage (upper chest is always good) and record that area as well. Now move the probe to the face, neck, shoulders, upper back, forearms and hands. The patient is now seeing the full extent of the damage. Now is a good time to push the play button and see the recorded “good” area on the screen. Push the play button again and the damaged skin appears side by side. A powerful image that will stay with them.

This process takes time, but it is educational in nature and produces results in the form of additional procedures sold. Your patients will recognize the difference between the education you have provided them and their available options, compared to what they have previously experienced at other offices. Focus is maintained on the entire upper body, so that the skin age of all body parts remain in the same decade. How many women have you seen who have had work done on their face and it looks 25 years younger than their hands?

Once you purchase your new consultation package, learn how to maximize your investment with a consultation workshop through our sister company, Clearskin Laser Centre.