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Formulation Set
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Product Description

Oxy-Mist is a combination of 3 formulations: Amino-Plex®, Amino-Plex II®, and Micellized Vitamin E are sprayed onto the surface of the skin using medical grade oxygen.

The biO2 Oxy-Mist protocol was developed to both simplify the post laser treatment as well as minimize the pain, decrease the healing time and the period of redness (erythema).The program utilizes daily treatments with a soothing Oxy-Mist containing a formula of amino acids, trace minerals, electrolytes, nucleotides(RNA/DNA), nucleosides, glycosamingoglycans, glycolipids, micellized vitamin E (.05 microns) and other factors known to be important in wound healing known as Amino-Plex®.

This program in which patients were lased on one half of their face and treated with the biO2 Oxy-Mist Protocol and lased 2 weeks later on the other half of their face and treated with a traditional protocol, has now been subjected to a rigid and controlled analysis, with IRB approval, to determine whether biO2 Oxy-Mist truly has benefit in improving laser healing. Patients were healed (re-epthelialized) in 5 to 7 days after very aggressive CO2 laser resurfacing and could return to their lifestyle faster than the usual 10-14 days! Patients who were lased aggressively with the Erbium (300-400 microns removal) healed in 3 to 5 days, with no residual redness in less than 2 weeks!

The patients treated with the Oxy-Mist protocol noticed that their face was tighter, smoother and firmer compared to the patients who were treated with the traditional protocol of Vaseline® with water and vinegar soaks, Crisco®, Flexzan®, and Preparation H®. The patients treated with the standard regimens healed in the typical manner, with significant difficulties of compliance and pain during the healing period which lasted 10 to 14 days.

The Oxy-Mist treatment was much less problematic during the healing period, and they were healed to the point where they could wear make-up in just a few days! In addition the redness (erythema) following the healing faded more rapidly, and the total time for the fading was a fraction of that on the untreated side. The results were truly remarkable!

Oxy-Mist Clinical Uses Include:

Post Laser

Post Peel

CO2 Resurfacing


Erbium Resurfacing


IPL Treatments


Micro Laser Peel

Blue Peel

Cool Touch Treatments

Other Uses Include:

Post Microdermabrasion

Non Invasive Laser Peels


Hair Transplants

Radation Irritation

Hair Removal

Diabetic, Pressure Ulcers

Cool Touch Treatments

Oxy-Mist Treatments are a must have treatment and are an value added service for your patients.